Andy's Tumblr

Hello. I’m Andy. From California.
If you know me personal, hi. You found this. Now go away, I’ll wait…
Gone yet? Good.

Everyone else, enjoy.

watching the Evil Dead “reboot”.

i really enjoy this movie.
i really enjoyed the Bruce Campbell ones too.
but this one, this one is scary.
i feared for a couple of nights.
like true feared.

i should be doing homework right now.

Road Trip

and we’re off.

much art.
such paint.

people all around me and yet…

someone send me a box of French Toast Crunch.
four boxes.
maybe a crate.
just all of it.
please. please?

when it comes to actually writing out my story,

takes me minutes to write out five or six pages…

when it comes to typing it out,

takes me a whole day to write out a few sentences.

why is that?

I’ve Done Things. I Wrote Half a Book about Zombies.


Nick Miller