Andy's Tumblr

Hello. I’m Andy. From California.
If you know me personal, hi. You found this. Now go away, I’ll wait…
Gone yet? Good.

Everyone else, enjoy.

im 23 and im bored of it all. nothing is exciting anymore. im cynical. i need something to change. i need to change. something is broken inside of me. some chemical inbalance in my brain is keeping me from being happy. all i see is the dark. am i too young to be disenchanted with life?
to be having my midlife crisis at a quarter of a century. maybe i wont live much longer. if i can call this life. i dont live. i go on. i want to live. to risk death. to be so close to death may actually free me from the mundane. to go all the way there and then stop. that thrill alone might restart my will to continue.
i mean whats the point right now? i go to work and i get off work. i wait at home. i spend time with Priscilla. then i go to work and it repeats. endless. ive done this before and now im doing it again. even my life is repeated.
i worked. i didnt. now im working.
oh god help me.
break this cycle for me.
save me from myself.
i am my own worst enemy.
i hate myself more than anyone has ever hated anyone.

that feeling when

that feeling when you’re tired,
but you just gotta see that next tumblr post…

is it blurry on here,
or is my screen just super dirty?

watching the Evil Dead “reboot”.

i really enjoy this movie.
i really enjoyed the Bruce Campbell ones too.
but this one, this one is scary.
i feared for a couple of nights.
like true feared.

i should be doing homework right now.

Road Trip

and we’re off.

much art.
such paint.